Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Somatic Sex Educator and a Sex Worker?

A somatic sex educator works within the boundaries of a professional Code of Ethics and Conduct and their work is insured. As the name suggests this work is focused on education, learning and growth rather than simply having a pleasurable experience.

There are 5 main pillars that make this work unique:
1. Every session is centered around a spiritual/healing/educational objective.
2. Practitioners remain clothed at all times.
3. Practitioners commit to not entering into any romantic or sexual relationship with their clients within 12 months of the last time they worked with a client.

When receiving a yoni massage - what if I find out something about myself that I don't like?

Sometimes one chooses to take a risk because one senses that the reward might be worth it, just like Alice jumping into the rabbit hole. Also, our course is created in such a way as to provide you with the 'alchemical' tools that will help you transform the parts of you that you don't like into virtues!

Do you serve people with disabilities?

Yes. We understand how important it is for everyone - especially individuals with disabilities - to be empowered to experience their full sexual expression, in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Clients will be provided with the space to be able to explore and express their sexual self in ways that are safe and pleasurable. I can work in conjunction with a medical doctor or therapist, and a carer may be present during sessions, if needed or desired. Please get in contact to discuss specific needs and what is possible.

What ages do you serve?

Any person over the legal age of consent is welcome to use our services. Non-contact educational work may be available for those under the legal age of consent with the consent of a parent legal guardian, and/or as advised by a medical doctor. People are sensual, sexual beings and need loving presence, touch, someone to talk to and share with throughout their entire lives.

Do I have to have a sexual "problem" in order to book a session?

No. While there are many who have deep healing to do, many others don't identify as having any 'issues', but simply wish to enhance themselves, to go deeper with themselves. Sometimes a client wishes to learn and explore new things, new forms of expression and being that they might be afraid, ashamed, or unwilling to with their current partner(s), and unable to by themselves.

Do you certify men?

For now, we've decided to keep this practice for women only (people with vaginas, women healing women) in order to facilitate a safe container, sisterhood. We understand that men can be powerful bodyworkers and healers too, but for now we want to keep this practice strictly for women only.

What is your Refund Policy?

No refunds will be provided for any reason.

Ready to Make a Change?

This is a fascinating and integrative learning process, supported by a potent combination of reading and videos, coupled with various immersive meditations.