Profound Healing and Transformation

from Yoni Massage

Asia Rodrigues

For me a takeaway was FEEling how sacred the union is to be entered and to enter a yoni, knowledge is only a rumor until the body knows, and I have begin to understand I am a portal. The veil is thin between groups of women because we know how to dip between dimensions. One foot in the ethereal one foot in the physical we are the bridge to unconditional love
Women are the bridge to life and death.

What I took away was a profound sense of purpose. Divine will, acceptance and freedom. I may not have experienced orgasmic bliss but the release I had from that pain in my yoni. I have MUCH LESS anxiety even when I just did a 15hr flight. Usually 2 hr flights rile me up but since the retreat I’ve been CALM.

I was able to create an unshakable safety inside my body and it feels like home. I’ve been gone for tooooooo long.

Veronica Miriam

Erin Keller

I’ve been having trouble putting into words what the Sacred Feminine Touch Ceremony training, and in person experience means to me. It was so amazingly transformational. It’s hard to describe the awareness of yourself that can come from this work both in terms of healing and increasing pleasure. Suriya and Rina are truly gifted teachers in this space. It is an honor to be able to learn from them. I am so grateful they are so passionate about sharing their knowledge.
Whether you choose to provide this for other women or solely for yourself, I can’t encourage you enough to take the step and to trust – It will be beautiful.

Alison Charles, Austin TX, 40

“Forever changed.”

”.. there is actual healing work taking place within the yoni. All done with utmost reverence. So many visions were revealed, unlocking trapped emotions, … and memories surfaced that had long been forgotten.

So much happened in this journey. The last message I heard as we wrapped up was “forever changed.” Evidence of that showed the next morning when I went outside & EVERYTHING looked different. Upon noticing this I heard “The filter of anger has been removed.”

Veronica, Dallas, TX, 45

Cindy, 31 ,Switzerland

“This experience was for me the first time that I was connected to my own body.”

I was raped at the age of 15 when I was a virgin.
I think that I refused to admit that it was a huge trauma and I preferred to “erase” it from my mind since then…
The pattern was always the same. I was attracted at the beginning and I could appreciate intercourse even if I never had an orgasm in my life.
To keep the relationships “alive”, I would force myself to have sex.
I wouldn’t say that it was like another rape because I had love feelings for those guys, but it was traumatic because my yoni and my mind were disconnected.
I was carrying 15 years of traumatic sexuality with myself.
My experience with Suriya was mind-blowing.
First of all Suriya and I took the time to talk about all this. She was listening carefully and I felt safe in her house. I could feel the compassion in her eyes.
Suriya was present, she offered me a Yoni massage with Love.
This experience was for me the first time that I was connected to my own body. I started to understand what pleasure could mean. And I am talking about pure pleasure, free of judgment, passionate games, or seduction.
I would love to continue my therapy with Suriya because she gave me hope that it is never too late to change, to build another kind of sexuality, a conscious and pure one.

Cat Kent, Austin, TX, 26

My body has physically changed and aligned.
… It’s hard for me to find the words to describe how much my body has physically changed and aligned since working with Rina. The first yoni massage that we did, I felt so safe. I was really kind of nervous going in because it was my first time ever getting a yoni massage, yet I instantly felt safe because of the container that Rina set the energy that she carried and the way that we went into the actual massage. My brain, my body, my spirit felt so good going into it, which for me is a big deal, because I am only able to be vulnerable when I feel safe like that – and I felt it instantly with Rina.

I seriously cannot stop singing the praises of the work that we’ve done, because I’ve been on a journey for a while, …

Having some of these pressure points pressed in my body gave me rapport with parts of myself that I was never able to access. I physically experienced it: one of my legs is longer than the other and now after working with Rina, my legs are the same length! I’ve had this for fifteen years, and I have tried to work through it in many different ways with different doctors, different therapists, and different kinds of movements, and this was just one session with her and such a result!

After the second session, I’m feeling my chakras move as a whole system, which is life-changing. …. So, seriously–seriously–if you want the most healing experience that you’ve ever had, I highly-highly recommend working with Rina. I have never experienced anything like this in my life, and I mean that – and I’ve tried a lot of things!

Tyler, 33, US / Steve, 44, UK

“Benefit from an enhanced physical, spiritual, and emotional relationship”

As a woman who experiences a lot of pain during sex, I was apprehensive, feeling that this type of physical therapy could never work for me. It was quite the opposite – Suriya was able to show me how this pain is connected with old traumas, supporting me fully as we worked through letting them go on physical and emotional levels. I witnessed their diminishing presence and the incredible power of her work.

Suriya also gave my husband the opportunity to complete these exercises on my behalf, empowering us as a couple to continue to do this work together and ultimately benefit from an enhanced physical, spiritual, and emotional relationship.

I would recommend Suriya to any couple, whether pain during sex is an issue, there is a disconnect in your intimate relationship, or you have simply fallen into a rut. Her kind and embracing presence will bring you the safety and support you need to openly approach your most intimate parts (physically, emotionally and spiritually). She also provides anecdotes on her path of healing, relating to you through her own experiences and thus helping to legitimize your struggles, fears, and healing processes as they surface throughout the session. She is a born teacher and a gifted healer; her practice can be nothing but beneficial to any who courageously undertakes it.

Persis, 38, India

“Experience female ejaculation for the first time”

My husband and I have been married for 12 years now and like all couples, we have settled into a very comfortable strong bond with each other. Though the sex was great, over the years it had become a little flat …After the session, my husband has been practicing ever since on me. He has learned to hold the space beautifully for me and help me release my trauma through massaging my yoni and different pressure points on my body.
It is such a wonderful feeling to receive such a mindful touch from him. My body reacted so differently. I felt like both of us were discovering my body for the first time. My layers of resistance fell off one by one and I found myself flowing with the energies that came to life within me. I finally understood what it means to let go and experience female ejaculation for the first time. …

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