Suhai, from Japanese, meaning

Worship, adoration,

devotion, and divine service

embodies all of our hopes for all women

who wish to become certified practitioners of

Sacred Feminine Touch Ceremony


Sacred Feminine Touch Ceremony

Sacred Feminine Touch Ceremony brings together ancient tantric tools, spiritual practices, yoga therapy, and mindfulness-based strategies in order to safely guide women through powerful sexual and personal transformation.

Suriya and Rina relied on their combined 20 years of experience to merge these methodologies into a transformative technique for personal growth, sexual healing, and spiritual awakening.

Do you want to help women access their deepest pleasure and support them safely on their journey through the ups and downs of seeing this miracle unfold?

Do you wish to sustain yourself financially in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling?

If so, we’re delighted you’ve found our one-of-a-kind, in-depth course toward becoming a certified Sacred Feminine Touch Ceremony Practitioner.


The Yoni Massage field is rapidly expanding and greatly in need of well-qualified, skillful and passionate experts.


This program offers hands-on instruction in the application of a client-centered approach in order to empower, inform, and support women.


We created this course just for you!


You will increase your understanding of your physical as well as your mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health. 

You will learn all you need to know to become a certified (and confident) Practitioner of Sacred Feminine Touch Ceremony. 

You will master a variety of integrated approaches that will enable you to perform the technique proficiently while receiving continual support and mentorship from Rina and Suriya throughout the course.

We all deserve a life full of pleasure and deep connection to ourselves. But we don’t all know how to access it.

There is ancient wisdom, soul truth, and divine power stored in our yonis that is available for us to access,  not to mention ecstatic bliss and physical joy.

When we develop a harmonious and connected relationship with our yonis, we become truly empowered.

Yoni massage is profound in that it touches us in different ways—

physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Why Sacred Feminine Touch?

A transformative, ecstatic, healing experience

Through research, we have come to understand that our bodies store trauma, particularly in the yoni. There is, therefore, an opportunity, however, to acknowledge and let go of these intense sensations or memories that have been stored in our bodies, and to experience more bliss in our lives.

Sacred Feminine Touch is a contemporary healing modality for women based on ancient tantric practice. Its benefits include:


  • Developing presence within the body, opening inner awareness, and learning how the body can feel more and more alive
  • Understanding how to honor and celebrate erotic energy
  • Experiencing meditative states and shamanic journeys
  • Connecting to your deeper intelligence


  • Developing presence within the body, opening inner awareness, and learning how the body can feel more and more alive
  • Understanding how to honor and celebrate erotic energy
  • Experiencing meditative states and shamanic journeys
  • Connecting to your deeper intelligence


  • Experiencing meditative states and shamanic journeys
  • Safely diving into the vulnerability of deep healing
  • Obtaining insights into the sensuality, tenderness, and significance of the female power center
  • Experiencing sacred presence in others and ourselves
  • Experiencing your full orgasmic potential
  • Understanding how to consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states
  • Becoming empowered through developing a harmonious and connected relationship with your intimacy
  • Exploring raw and messy emotions as a form of light, crackling and bursting with energy, which carries its own wisdom.


In our Practitioner Training, you will learn the step-by-step process of how to give a sacred yoni massage, with detailed demonstrations of each technique, and all the preparatory steps to allow this massage to be deeply healing and transformative on many levels, including: 

How to set up the right physical, mental, and emotional space for deep healing to occur

How to hold space for your client during the sacred yoni massage

How to use massage and sexual energy as tools for transformation

How to guide a woman into bliss, openness, and higher states of consciousness

How to attune to your client’s mental, physical, and emotional states

How to give a preparatory sensual massage including breasts, and abdominal massage

How to find the SRA (stress-releasing acupressure) points both outside and inside of the yoni, and how to work with them

How to map the inner parts to increase a woman’s conscious awareness of sensations in the most intimate areas

How to guide a woman to control the sensations and movements within the sacred space

How to work through trauma and negative sexual beliefs

How to release tension and pain from the pelvic floor area

How to find the different orgasmic areas such as G-Spot, A-Spot, P-spot, K-spot, Cervix, and more specifically, how to stimulate them

How to move energy in a woman’s body, and how to understand the structure of the energy body

Practical principles for guiding a woman to deeper blissful pleasure, and mind-blowing orgasms

How to guide your client through altered states of consciousness, meditative states, and shamanic journeys

Juicy techniques for expanding sexual pleasure, accessing multiple orgasms and even the specific movement for female ejaculation (“squirting”)

Clear and easy-to-follow instructions for a complete sacred feminine touch session, including demonstrations of each step with a mode

The Sacred Feminine Touch Ceremony Certification Program is held online and in person


The Program’s 5 Pillars


Setting the Container from a Trauma-Informed Lens

Consent, Boundaries & Healing Code of Conduct

Female Anatomy of Arousal

Chakra System

Sexuality as a Bridge to Our Subconscious

Intention of a Journey

Therapist Client Dynamics

Attachment Dynamics

Power of Humbleness

Body Work 

Different Forms of Orgasm

Internal and External Stress Releasing Acupressure Points

Full Sacred Body Massage to Activate Chakra Centers

Genital Pelvic Floor Massage

Deep Body Listening

Nervous System Exploration

Expansion of Energy/Holding Space


Sacred Ingredient



Tantric Archetypes

Rituals & Symbolism

Shamanic Ascent and Descent

Personal Development

Emotional Framework

Jungian Shadow Work

Trauma & Somatics

Personal Practices


The certification program is 75-hours of combined learning material and practice combined, including:



3 Days of live training classes April 7-9, 2023 in Austin, TX



5 self-study modules of training materials (audio, Video-lectures, PDFs, meditations) and a private virtual community space for additional learning, support & questions




Bonus – if you sign in NOW, you have one sacred feminine touch session for yourself included in the package


The Full Potential of Our True Feminine Power

Most women are unaware of the full potential and power of our yoni. A large part of female sexuality takes place hidden from view, leaving room for fear and speculation.

While we know the physical manifestations of our yoni, menstruating and giving birth,
fully accessing the pleasure within the yoni has traditionally seemed to be only for a lucky few.

Well, not anymore.

Our experience of working with women has shown that it is profoundly empowering to experience
full body pleasure that goes beyond a quick clitoral peak.

Our holistic approach empowers you with science-based tools to go beyond relieving symptoms.
We integrate teachings of the nervous system and our pelvic floor.

We blend in trauma-informed therapy, traditional psychotherapeutic psychology,
and the tantric teachings of chakras and sublimation.

You will acquire the necessary skills to not only to be a qualified bodyworker with a toolbox full of skills.

You will also learn how to hold space through emotional releases, how to guide traumatic releases in a safe environment, and how to pacify the nervous system.

On A Mission To Change Lives

This Certification Program is a complete holistic professional training designed for

individuals and professionals who want to offer safe, trauma-informed bodywork sessions

and sacred feminine touch sessions to their clients, including, but not limited to:











Easy to Follow!

This course is a fascinating and integrative learning process, supported by a potent combination of reading and videos, and coupled with various immersive meditations. An inspiring visual aesthetic creates a gentle environment for profound psychological revelations.

Certificate Requirements

1. Complete the online training and all 5 pillars, including required exercises           

2. Complete the in-person 3-day intensive training, along with required exercises

3. Practice on volunteers (9 sessions) and receive sessions yourself (2 sessions from us or from other approved practitioners

4. Hand out client practice sheets and receive feedback   

5. Certificate is contingent upon completion of all aspects of the training, including subjective aspects such as space holding

 We reserve the right to certify or not certify.

Disclaimer: we encourage you to practice this only where it is legal.

Price: $4500 – if paid in full, or 3 payments of $1,666 monthly.

The Team

Who We Are

About Suriya:

I believe everything we know, feel, and experience is connected. 

I live a tantric lifestyle, which is an awareness of our higher purpose and finding connection in everything we do. It’s living in the present moment and dedicating every aspect of life – waking, movement, cleaning, love-making, even preparing lunch – for a greater sense of purpose and connectedness. 

I wasn’t always this way. I grew up shy, always looking for someone else to guide me, someone to give my power away to, always searching for others to heal me and make my life better. 

And it was painful. And lonely. And purposeless. I often asked, “What am I even doing here?”

And particularly in the area of intimacy with others, my sex life was not healthy or loving or juicy. I wanted it to be different.

But when I looked around me and asked for help, I couldn’t find it. I found many healing practices like meditation and yoga therapy. I studied every healing modality I could find including homeopathy, iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, Shiatsu, process-oriented psychology, and reflexology.

And all of those are wonderful and have their place. They provide healing and lifestyle practices that can create a healthier body and mind. But there was still something missing. A question I didn’t even know quite how to ask to get this answer I was longing for. 

And then I found yoni massage.

This sacred work changed everything for me. It was so transformative that I quickly became a practitioner so I could work with women from all over the world. Thousands of women’s lives have been changed through this type of healing massage.

It unlocks stored trauma and emotions. It teaches us about our own bodies (areas we didn’t even know we had!), our own needs, our own sense of joy, bliss, pleasure. It even helps us learn to communicate with our partners around our needs and desires. There is so much we are never taught about ourselves that we NEED to know in order to find that missing piece.

And that’s why I am bringing this opportunity to you. I want you to be an effective healer in this extremely transformational work. To learn, practice, grow, and receive the credibility you need through certification. 

Let’s change lives together!

About Rina:

I believe in creating safe spaces for people to fall apart. 

It is in the falling apart, the messiness, that you find your way to healing and wholeness. I know this because I’ve lived it and watched this transformation in countless humans I’ve worked with.

But it wasn’t always this way for me. I grew up in post-Soviet Russia where secrets and silence founded my childhood. I felt completely out of place, a misfit. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t conform to my family culture. And my body let me know it. I felt sick, depressed, and completely alone.

I wasn’t going to live that way, so I jumped. I knew I needed an entirely different kind of existence so just like the movie, The Matrix, I became a ‘Matrix Jumper’.

My first ‘matrix’ after leaving Russia was in the American Dream. I lived in DC, got my MBA, and worked my way into a corporate finance job. But after a while, my body let me know it was time for change again when I would fall asleep in the middle of the day and cry all night.

I knew there were options. I could numb myself into accepting this was my life, like my alcoholic father and countless others, or I could jump again. I jumped.

This time, I went for the unknown. I traveled throughout the US, went to Thailand, and learned about alternative ways of healing. Meeting Suriya and receiving Sacred Feminine Touch Ceremony (yoni massage) changed everything. I was liberated from shame, guilt, and trauma while experiencing the spiritual and orgasmic potential of this sublime type of pleasure.

I connected to myself. I found true freedom like I never knew existed. I wanted to share it with the world!

And now I do. After many years as a professional dominatrix in NYC and also learning the sacred art of Shibari, I am now fully myself and immersed in coaching others to transformation and healing through various modalities of vulnerability.

Though my body loudly led the way for me, we can all find our way to healing, wellness, and bliss. And that’s why I’m so passionate about training others in this beautiful touch therapy. I want everyone to have the experience and ability to change their own life and others.

Help us change the world through this sacred art!

Profound Healing and Transformation from Yoni Massage

Alison Charles

Forever Changed

Last sips before my first yoni massage✨ I’m sharing a bit of my experience here because I’ve personally felt called into more sexual/sensual/intimacy healing work + called to also have more conversations around it as I feel healthy conversations around sexual practices have been severely lacking for countless years


I was raped at the age of 15 when I was a virgin.
I think that I refused to admit that it was a huge trauma and I preferred to “erase” it from my mind since then.
Afterwards, I had many boyfriends. Sometimes it lasted a couple of years and sometimes a couple of months.
The pattern was always the same. I was attracted at the beginning and I could appreciate intercourse even if I never had an orgasm in my life. Except for the clitoral one that I was giving to myself.

Cat Kent

My body has physically changed and aligned.
I just had my second massage with Rina. It’s hard for me to find the words to describe how much my body has physically changed and aligned since working with Rina.


As a woman who experiences a lot of pain during sex, I was apprehensive, feeling that this type of very physical therapy could never work for me. In fact it was quite the opposite – Suriya was able to show me how this pain is connected with old traumas, supporting me fully as we worked through letting them go on physical and emotional levels. I witnessed their diminishing presence and the incredible power of her work.

Suriya also gave my husband the opportunity to complete these exercises on my behalf, empowering us as a couple to continue to do this work together and ultimately benefit from an enhanced physical, spiritual and emotional relationship.

Rikk G

So alive, in control, safe in my own skin, sexy, powerful!
My husband has been patiently looking at me since I came home. Not sure what to do with me being so emotional. I didn’t want to just have the same boring sex we’ve always had and I also just felt so crazy inside. So after I took the kids to school I told him to meet me at home. I turned off the lights, played some beautiful music, blindfolded him, and tied him up just like Rina showed me.


So alive, in control, safe in my own skin, sexy, powerful!
My husband has been patiently looking at me since I came home. Not sure what to do with me being so emotional. I didn’t want to just have the same boring sex we’ve always had and I also just felt so crazy inside. So after I took the kids to school I told him to meet me at home. I turned off the lights, played some beautiful music, blindfolded him, and tied him up just like Rina showed me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Somatic Sex Educator and a Sex Worker?

A somatic sex educator works within the boundaries of a professional Code of Ethics and Conduct and their work is insured. As the name suggests this work is focused on education, learning and growth rather than simply having a pleasurable experience.

There are 5 main pillars that make this work unique:
1. Every session is centered around a spiritual/healing/educational objective.
2. Practitioners remain clothed at all times.
3. Practitioners commit to not entering into any romantic or sexual relationship with their clients within 12 months of the last time they worked with a client.

When receiving a yoni massage - what if I find out something about myself that I don't like?

Sometimes one chooses to take a risk because one senses that the reward might be worth it, just like Alice jumping into the rabbit hole. Also, our course is created in such a way as to provide you with the 'alchemical' tools that will help you transform the parts of you that you don't like into virtues!

Do you serve people with disabilities?

Yes. We understand how important it is for everyone - especially individuals with disabilities - to be empowered to experience their full sexual expression, in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Clients will be provided with the space to be able to explore and express their sexual self in ways that are safe and pleasurable. I can work in conjunction with a medical doctor or therapist, and a carer may be present during sessions, if needed or desired. Please get in contact to discuss specific needs and what is possible.

What ages do you serve?

Any person over the legal age of consent is welcome to use our services. Non-contact educational work may be available for those under the legal age of consent with the consent of a parent legal guardian, and/or as advised by a medical doctor. People are sensual, sexual beings and need loving presence, touch, someone to talk to and share with throughout their entire lives.

Do I have to have a sexual "problem" in order to book a session?

No. While there are many who have deep healing to do, many others don't identify as having any 'issues', but simply wish to enhance themselves, to go deeper with themselves. Sometimes a client wishes to learn and explore new things, new forms of expression and being that they might be afraid, ashamed, or unwilling to with their current partner(s), and unable to by themselves.

Do you certify men?

For now, we've decided to keep this practice for women only (people with vaginas, women healing women) in order to facilitate a safe container, sisterhood. We understand that men can be powerful bodyworkers and healers too, but for now we want to keep this practice strictly for women only.

What is your Refund Policy?

No refunds will be provided for any reason.

Ready to Make a Change?

This is a fascinating and integrative learning process, supported by a potent combination of reading and videos, coupled with various immersive meditations.